std::sort – let’s arrange things a bit

So, let’s start with arranging bits and pieces on the blog.


Bitcoin/Algotrading – as i am interested in what’s called high frequency trading, algotrading and market data – i decided to place a separate category for tools and apps that i wrote for fin tech sector.

ESP8266 – this is something that i picked up this year for the first time, however many apps were written and it’s one of those things that i like to play with from time to time. It’s time consuming (yeah.. cables, soldering) but gives a lot of opportunities with WiFi built in.

Realtime Rendering – my old hobby and full time interest. I am not doing a lot in this are these days but there are quite a few things i want to mention (gamedev included)

GridMan – this is one of my main interests, distributed computing – mainly number crunching, raytracing and other stuff goes here.

Security – well history likes to repeat. In my highschool time i played with this a lot – buffer overflows, remote exploitation and #hacking overall was my daily fun. Today i am trying to do a step forward by playing with security and trying to link i to other mentioned categories above.

I hope i catched it all 😉


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